5 Unusual decorations for your home

Posted By Matthew Walker on Aug 11, 2016 |

Our home is our oasis, the most important place on Earth, and that is why we all like to keep it fresh, clean and stylish at all times. How every home improvement action required time and money, we aren’t in a position to make changes regularly. However there is always something you could do, even the smallest decorations can make your house shine, and aside from buying them, you can also make decorations on your own. DIY projects are always the dearest to us, maybe because we invest a lot of effort in making it and maybe because nobody else has the same decoration as you, nevertheless, it is a good way to redesign your house and save some money in the process.

If you don’t know what to do, and you want and unusual and exciting decoration, you’ve come to the right place. If you have some of these old objects, and you don’t use them, you will be glad to know they make perfect decorations for your home.

1. Bicycle

First on our list and maybe the weirdest, but it works. Use your broken bike to decorate your children’s rooms, and if you still have an older model you can use it as a decoration for nearly any room in your house. Old but gold, as they say, bicycles can be utilized as washing stand in your bathroom, a towel holder or a fascinating decoration for the bedroom wall, in each case, it would be a surprising factor in your home.

2. Trees and branches

Natural look and wooden materials are trends in designing home interior for a long time, but you can be the one who got a little further. Get tree trunk from the nearest forest, paint it in white, brown or black and use it as a decoration for your home. You can also use it as a coat hanger if you find one with branches on it. Wooden shelves are also a great idea, but making a wall out of tree-trunks and dividing your room using them is truly the best thing I could think of.

3. Stepladder

A wooden stepladder, who would believe that it could become a beautiful decoration for your home? But it really can, just give it a new, fresh, paint coat and pick a place for it. It could be used as a chair, a coat hanger, a towel holder or a bookshelf.

4. Old suitcase

Forgotten old suitcases on your attic can become an amazing furniture or decoration. Find your parent’s old suitcases, clean them, paint them and make a table out of it. You can also open it and fill it with pillows, add some wooden legs and you will get the most stylish chair for your living room.

5. Old tires

Even though it sounds impossible, and you cannot imagine ‘decoration’ and ‘old tires’ in the same sentence, it is quite possible indeed. Coffee table from a tire and with glass on top aren’t a usual table, and it doesn’t match every room, but it can be interesting if the surrounding is right. An inner tube of a tire makes a pretty comfortable cushion, especially if it’s covered in soft material and with a soft pillow in the center.